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Feb 12, 2023

ZetaMarker Lite 2.0: A Comprehensive Upgrade

ZetaMarker Lite, formerly known as ZetaMarker Android, is the streamlined counterpart of ZetaMarker designed specifically for touch screen devices and Android platforms.

Seamless Cloud Syncing

ZetaMarker Lite 2.0 introduces a unified sync button for effortless cloud synchronization. Click once to store new annotations and updates in the cloud while simultaneously retrieving annotations made on other devices, mirroring the functionality of the PC version.

Export to TXT Format

Enjoy enhanced flexibility with the ability to export your annotations in ZetaMarker Lite 2.0 directly into TXT format, facilitating easy sharing and compatibility with a variety of platforms.

Dedicated page for "My Pages"

Discover a dedicated "My Pages" section in ZetaMarker Lite 2.0, mirroring the PC version's functionality. Access a comprehensive list of annotated pages, retrieve synced pages, and leverage robust search features to locate specific pages based on comments, highlights, titles, and URLs.

Google Account Login

Simplify your access to cloud features with ZetaMarker Lite 2.0's Google Account Login. No need for a separate ZetaMarker account – sign in effortlessly with your Google credentials to manage your ZetaMarker data seamlessly.

Jan 26, 2023

ZetaMarker 5.0: A Comprehensive Upgrade

Multiple Toolbar Options

Experience enhanced flexibility with ZetaMarker's latest update, offering a choice between a sleek minimal toolbar and a comprehensive full-featured sidebar. The default is set to minimal, but effortlessly switch between them and tailor your default toolbar through the sidebar settings. Drag the minimal toolbar across the screen and easily hide it to streamline your workspace.

Improved Sidebar Layout

The redesigned sidebar in ZetaMarker 5.0 opens gracefully on the left side of the page without covering your content. Instead, it intelligently shifts the page's content to the right, ensuring a seamless and unobtrusive user experience.

"My Pages"

"My Pages" in ZetaMarker 5.0 now conveniently opening in a new tab for a more organized workflow. Enjoy new features such as page deletion, syncing annotations with the cloud, and the ability to bookmark "My Pages" for quick access without activating ZetaMarker on a page.

Settings Customization

Effortlessly personalize your ZetaMarker experience with the new settings menu. Click on the sidebar's settings icon to access a range of customization options, including selecting your preferred default toolbar, adjusting the highlighter cursor's default color, fine-tuning the default theme, and tailoring ZetaMarker shortcuts.

Dec 28, 2023

Cloud Retrieval and Dark Mode Enhancement

Cloud Pages Retrieval Feature

Introducing a streamlined process for accessing pages annotated on other devices. The new action button on the Pages allows users to effortlessly retrieve synced pages from the cloud, eliminating the need to open each page individually for syncing annotations.

Dark Mode Enhancement

We've expanded our theme options by adding Dark Mode to the annotation tool. Now, the theme color of the annotation tool dynamically adjusts based on your side panel's mode, providing a more personalized and cohesive user experience.

Dec 17, 2023

Now Supporting Russian and Turkish!

Expanded Language Support

Exciting news! Our latest release now includes support for two additional languages: Russian 🇷🇺 and Turkish 🇹🇷. We're committed to making your experience more accessible and tailored to your preferences.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Addressed a synchronization bug that occasionally affected specific pages. Your seamless navigation through the application is now more reliable than ever.

Dec 10, 2023

Improved Spanish Translations!

ZetaMarker 4.2 is now live, introducing refined Spanish translations driven by user feedback for an enhanced experience among our Spanish-speaking users. Thank you for being a part of our journey!

Dec 6, 2023

Improved Chinese Translations!

ZetaMarker 4.1 is now live, introducing refined Chinese translations driven by user feedback for an enhanced experience among our Chinese-speaking users. We appreciate your valuable input, shaping the evolution of ZetaMarker. Thank you for being a part of our journey!

Dec 1, 2023

Multi-Language Support

ZetaMarker 4 is here with multi-language support! Now in French, Korean, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, and English. ZetaMarker 4 adapts to your browser's language. More languages coming soon! For language feedback, reach out to us at support@zetamarker.com or use our feedback form (accessible via the 'Feedback' option in the menu).

Nov 17, 2023

Faster Page & Apps Teaser!

Experience our faster and user-friendly landing page. Exciting news: Web and mobile apps are coming soon to app.zetamarker.com, with essential features like signup, password reset, and feedback forms already in place to ensure seamless extension functionality. Stay tuned for the next web app release packed with exciting features!

Oct 10, 2023

Local PDF File Support

We're excited to introduce local PDF file support in ZetaMarker! You can now easily open and annotate your local PDF files using our built-in PDF viewer. To get started, make sure to grant ZetaMarker access to file URLs by opening the Extensions page in your browser, finding your ZetaMarker extension in the list of installed extensions, clicking on the 'Details' button for ZetaMarker, and toggling on the 'Allow access to file URLs' option. To annotate a local PDF file, open it with the browser extension where ZetaMarker is installed, and click the ZetaMarker icon in the browser to activate it for your PDF file, just as you do for web pages. For detailed instructions, please refer to our user guide.

Oct 06, 2023

Bug Fixed: Consistent Style!

Bug resolved: Consistent style

We've addressed a bug where the styles and sizes of UI elements varied between different pages. Now, you'll enjoy a uniform and consistent look throughout the app.

Side panel theme color

We've improved the readability of the dark mode side panel by adjusting the background color. It now provides a more pleasant and comfortable viewing experience.

Sep 20, 2023

Page Overview with Search Added!

New feature: Display all pages with search capability

Now you can view a comprehensive list of all the pages where you've previously made annotations and highlights. Utilize our robust search functionality to locate specific pages by searching through your comments, highlights, page titles, and URLs.

New feature: Edit page titles

We've enhanced your browsing experience by allowing you to edit the default titles of web pages. Your customized titles will be stored for future reference, ensuring your preferred titles are displayed.

Refreshed side panel design

Experience our new side panel design, featuring visually appealing updates that enhance your overall user experience.

Aug 30, 2023

Export: HTML, PDF, TXT & Google Sign-Up Fixed!

Export Options: HTML, PDF, TXT

Easily export your annotations in various formats. With the latest update, you can now export annotations from a selected page to HTML, PDF, or TXT formats.

Bug Resolved: Google Sign-Up

The issue with "signing up with Google" has been successfully resolved. Our users can now proceed with their Google accounts, eliminating the need to create a separate account with ZetMarker. Thank you for your patience and feedback.

Aug 17, 2023

Enhanced Privacy, Streamlined Experience, Google Account Login!

Enhanced User Privacy

ZetaMarker 2 prioritizes user privacy by eliminating the need for broad host permission. Unlike previous versions, we no longer request excessive data access. With our latest update, users have full control over which web pages to activate ZetaMarker on. This unique level of control sets our annotating tool apart from competitors, providing peace of mind regarding data security and privacy. Activate ZetaMarker on a page by clicking its icon or using the CTRL+I shortcut.

Improved User Experience with a Side Panel

With ZetaMarker activated on a page, a sleek side panel gracefully appears on the right side of your screen. This panel allows easy management of highlights, including deleting, updating comments, and changing colors effortlessly. Access all essential actions like cloud synchronization conveniently within the side panel. Personalize your experience by choosing between dark and light themes, which can be particularly useful when viewing dark web pages.

Highlighter Cursor

Once activated, your cursor transforms into a highlighter icon, making text highlighting a breeze with your pre-selected color. Quickly mark essential parts of the pages you read. Activate it through the side panel or with the ALT+Shift+H shortcut.

Google Account Login

Now, easily access cloud features with your Google account, eliminating the need for a separate ZetaMarker account. Sign in using your Google credentials and manage your ZetaMarker data effortlessly. No login required for local usage.

Simplified Annotation Updates

In the previous version, you had to click an highlighted text on the web page to open the annotation tool for updating. In version 2.0, double clicking an anntoation will prompty open its comment box. Moreover, you can easily and quickly update highlights on the side panel (whether you want to change your comments, change colors, or delete your highlights).

Jun 12, 2023

No Sign-Up Needed for Local Use!

Comment icon added

When you make a comment on a selected text, an icon now appears at the beginning of the annotated text. This improvement makes it easier to spot annotations with comments, enhancing your overall annotating experience.

No Sign-up Required for Local Use

Get started with ZetaMarker instantly, no account creation necessary for local usage. Install the app on your devices and begin annotating your favorite pages right away. However, to access cloud features, you will need to have a ZetaMarker account.

Jun 09, 2023

Android: No Sign-Up Needed for Local Use!

No Sign-up Required for Local Use

Get started with ZetaMarker Android instantly, no account creation necessary for local usage. Install the app on your devices and begin annotating your favorite pages right away. However, to synchronize your annotations with the cloud, you will need to login to your ZetaMarker account.

May 21, 2023

ZetaMarker Android was born

Now, you can enhance your web page annotations on the go with ZetaMarker Android. Enjoy the freedom to annotate anytime, anywhere! To install ZetaMarker, please follow the instructions provided in the documentation page.

Annotate and Highlight Web Pages on the Go

Elevate your browsing experience with ZetaMarker Android, a powerful Chrome extension exclusively designed for Kiwi Browser on Android devices! It allows you to annotate and highlight web pages directly from your Android smartphone.

Sync and Retrieve Your Annotations

With ZetaMarker Android you can synchronizes your annotations to the cloud, ensuring you can access them from any device, at any time.

May 17, 2023

ZetaMarker was born

We finally launched the very first version of ZetaMarker (the Beta version). ZetaMarker 1.0 ZetaMarker simplifies online research by enabling easy annotation, highlighting, organization, and synchronization across devices.

Effortless Highlighting

Easily highlight important sections of any online PDF or HTML page. When you revisit the page, your highlights will be readily accessible, saving you time and effort.

Convenient Commenting

Add comments to online PDF or HTML pages to capture your thoughts and insights.

Synchronization Across Device

You can synchronize your notes and highlights across all your devices.