Elevate Your Research Productivity

Elevate Your Research: Annotate, Sync, Collaborate with ZetaMarker. Get Started for Free! Compatible with Kiwi on Android & Chromium on PC.

Fully-functional for PC

Android & Touchscreen devices

ZetaMarker is much more than a highlighter

Stay ahead of the game with upcoming smart features and take your productivity to the next level.

Capture your focus

Easily highlight important sections of any PDF or Web page and quickly access them later by revisiting the page.

Add contextual notes

Make your thoughts and insights easily accessible by adding comments to any online PDF or HTML page. Perfect for annotating research or collaborating with colleagues.

Organize your pages

Organize your annotations with custom labels, making it easy to find exactly what you're looking for. Coming soon!

Stay in sync

Synchronize your annotations across all your devices and never lose your notes again, whether you're working on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

Find what you need

Quickly find the information you need with our powerful search tool, which allows you to search through all of your annotations and labels.

Share & Collaborate

Collaborate with colleagues and friends by sharing your annotations and highlights on online articles. Coming soon!

You're in control

Unlike other extensions that demand access to sensitive permissions, ZetaMarker operates on a permission-free principle.

Always Evolving

Exciting new features are on the way! Install it and enjoy the benefits of automatic updates.

Frequently asked questions

Answers to most common questions.

What is ZetaMarker?

ZetaMarker is a browser tool for easy online article and PDF annotation. Install the browser extension to begin annotating instantly. Save your annotations locally or in the cloud for access from any device. Stay tuned for upcoming web and mobile apps for article and annotation management, with the web app accessible on any device without extension installation

Which browsers are compatible with ZetaMarker?

ZetaMarker is compatible with Chromium-based browsers like Chrome and Microsoft Edge, and the Lite version works with the Kiwi browser. We're actively expanding support for other browsers, including Firefox. If you'd like ZetaMarker on a different browser, please inform us: support@zetamarker.com

What is the difference between the Lite version and the Computer version?

The PC version, compatible with Chromium-based browsers like Chrome and Edge, provides full features. The Lite version, designed for on-the-go research using the Kiwi browser, offers similar capabilities, excluding PDF support due to Android browser limitations. With ZetaMarker Lite, you can still easily annotate, highlight, and sync your notes across devices.

How is my data used by ZetaMarker?

ZetaMarker offers a new standard of online article annotation, prioritizing privacy and control. Unlike other extensions, we operate on a permission-free principle. You decide which pages ZetaMarker activates on. By default, your annotations are stored locally on your device. If you choose to store data in the cloud, it helps improve our features. We handle your data securely and anonymize it for analysis. For any data concerns, feel free to contact us at support@zetamarker.com.

How often do you release updates?

We release updates regularly, typically at least twice a month. Our update schedule is driven by actively addressing user feedback and adding new requested features. You'll receive the latest updates automatically when you install ZetaMarker on your devices.

How can I contact you?

Email us at support@zetamarker.com for any questions, concerns, or feedbacks. You can also use our feedback forms for reporting any bug and sharing new ideas.